"It is a must-have for security architects and consultants as well as enterprise security managers who are working with mobile devices and applications."

Dr. Dena Haritos Tsamitis, Director, Information Networking Institute (INI) Director of Education, CyLab Carnegie Mellon University

"Good book for Android security enthusiasts and developers that also covers advance topic like reverse engineering of Android applications. A must have book for all security professionals."

Sanjay Katkar, Co-Founder Quick Heal Technologies

"It's an excellent book for professional businesses that are trying to move their corporate applications on mobile / Android platform. It helped me understand the threats foreseen in Android applications and how to protect against them. Thanks for putting together a structured text on Android security."

Jagmeet Malhotra, Vice President, Royal Bank of Scotland

"Smart mobile devices need smart security. If you are facing the complex challenge of securing data and applications for Android, this book provides valuable insight into the security architecture and practical guidance for safeguarding this modern platform."

Gerhard Eschelbeck, Chief Technology Officer, Sophos

"Abhishek and Anmol's book Android Security: Attacks & Defenses is a great introduction to Android security. Their chapter "Reverse Engineering Android Applications" provides the groundwork for anybody interested in mobile malware analysis and cracking the nitty-gritty of most Android apps."

Nicholas Falliere, Founder JEB Decompiler & Security Researcher

"In their book Android Security: Attacks and Defenses, Dubey and Misra have filled a critical gap in software security literature by providing a unique and holistic approach to addressing this critical and often misunderstood topic..."

James Ransome, Senior Director, Product Security McAfee . An Intel Company

The book gives security professionals and executives a practical guide to the security implications and best practices for deploying Android platforms and applications in the (corporate) environment.

Steve Martino, VP Information Security, Cisco


Writing a book is never a solo project and is not possible without help from many people. First, we would like to thank our Editor, John Wyzalek at CRC Press, for his patience and constant commitment to the project. We would also like to thank the production team at Derryfield Publishing—Theron Shreve and Marje Pollack. Theron has guided us from start to finish during the production of this book. Marje has been patient through our many revisions and has helped us to convert our “write-ups” into the exciting book you have in your hands.

We would like to thank Dena Tsamtis (Director, Information Networking Institute, Director of Education, Training, and Outreach, CyLab, Carnegie Mellon Uni- versity), James Ransome (Senior Director, Product Security, McAfee Inc), and Gary Bahadur (CEO at Razient) for their help and guidance over the years. We would also like to thank Nicolas Falliere (Founder, JEB Decompiler) for giving us early access to the JEB Decompiler. Many others have helped us along the way, as well, but it is not possible to list all of their names here.

- Anmol & Abhishek

I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to my mentors David Veach (Senior Manager at Cisco) and Mukund Gadgil (Vice President of Engi- neering-Upheels.com) for their continued and exemplary guidance. I have learned so much from both of you over the years. I couldn’t be more thankful to my friends Anuj, Varang, Erica, and Smita who have constantly pushed me over the years to achieve my goals and who have been there with me through thick and thin. You all are “Legendary Awesome”! Lastly, I would like thank Maa, Papa, and my sister, Anubha, for your unquestioned support in everything I have done. All my achievements in life are because of you.

- Abhishek

I would like to thank to Bill Vourthis (Senior Manager at Ernst & Young), David Ho(Manager at Cisco), and Vinod (Jay) Jayaprakash (Senior Manager at Ernst & Young) for their guidance and encouragement over the years. I would also like to give my heartfelt thanks to my mentor Nitesh Dhanjani (Executive Director at Ernst & Young) for his guidance and encouragement. I would like to thank my family —Mom, Dad, and my brothers, Sekhar and Anupam—for supporting me in all my endeavors and for just being there. Mom, Dad – You are the backbone of our family and all I have achieved is because of you. It has not been easy to put up with my intense schedule. Now that I have finished this book, I promise I will be timely in replying to calls and e-mails.

- Anmol